Tx2k Recap - Dyno Spectrum Wins DCT Class; Has Fastest Three McLarens of Tx2K

It was that time of the year again. Time for Tx2k! For those of you who don't know, Tx2k is the largest drag racing event of the year where all of the top dogs bring out their big guns to compete on an even playing field. The race field is full of 6, 7, 8, and 9 second Supras, GTRs, Lambos, McLarens, Corvettes, Mustangs, etc... in classes ranging from Street Class to Unlimited. We supported three 720s, all with downpipes and Dyno Spectrum calibrations. We competed mainly in the DCT class with a few runs peppered into Exhibition.

Dyno Spectrum made the journey from Southern California to Houston Raceway this year to provide track side assistance for all of our clients. This consisted of data acquisition on every pass and using that data, along with driver feedback, for on site calibration refinements. We started the event off strong with all three 720s posting 150+mph trap speeds. Our ET's were a little higher than we had hoped for to start the weekend but after a few tweaks we were able to bring our 60ft times down to a consistent 1.50-1.55. Knowing that the rear axles are generally the first driveline piece to break in the 720s we paid particular attention to torque modulation and torque delivery during launch.

The McLaren doesn't use a target boost or RPM for Launch control. It uses a target torque value. RPM and boost can vary depending on conditions to reach this torque target. The key to keeping stock axles alive is to get just the proper amount of wheel spin without wheel hop. Wheel hop is the most common killer of axles. We also used a few other tricks that we're not willing to divulge quite yet

Once we got the launch and the short track work dialed in we started to add more power on the big end during qualifying on Saturday and Sunday morning before finals. This is where our traps really started to come back up. As ET comes down with better 60' times the traps will also come down with out making changes to power on the big end of the track. We started the event running 150-151mph but as our ETs came down the traps fell to around 146-147mph. Datalogging each run allowed us to see how the 720s were responding to the calibration changes we were making. Over the course of qualifying we brought the traps back up to 151-152mph and managed to knock our ETs down to a consistent 9.2-9.3 before going into the elimination rounds.

Dyno Spectrum tuned Mclarens were all registered for the DCT class. The DCT class rules state that the car must be equipped with a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), you must be running stock turbos (Nismo turbos are ok for GTR), there were not any wheel/tire or weight restrictions, and no nitrous is allowed.

There were a few cars in the class that didn't fit due to upgraded turbos but we didn't make a fuss because they were not a competitive threat. All said and done Amir and his 720s managed to fight through a pack of gutted, slicked, and drag prepped DCT cars to become the DCT Class champion!

Amir posted the quickest ET and 2nd fastest trap of any Mclaren, While Jess and his McLaren clicked off the highest trap speed and 2nd quickest ET of all McLarens! James was able to pull off a respectable 4th quickest ET and 3rd fastest Trap on Friday. James didn't compete for the entire event. Just on roll racing on Thursday and one pass on Friday before taking off for the weekend. No other Mclaren was within 5mph of the best trap speed of any Dyno Spectrum tuned 720s.

Track support is not something we often talk about but it is a service we offer to all of our clients. We are not "flash it and forget it" calibrators. We want you're car to run as quickly and reliably as possible. Our experience doing data acquisition, engine calibration, and track side support over the years for high profile drag racing events, IMSA, World Challenge, Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Goodwood, etc... really shines through when you're on the clock and need the most out of your car.

Also don’t get us wrong, we are not narcissistic enough to think the calibration is solely responsible for this win. Amir, Jess, and James are all fantastic drivers. Jess’s track preparation was on point and it showed early on. We’re always pleased working with clients who take this is seriously as we do. A huge thanks goes out to those three as well as Calvo Motorsports and Boost Logic!!!

Amir - DCT Class Win - Orange 720s - #126

  • Best ET: 9.230 <-- Quickest McLaren at the event

  • Best Trap: 151.68mph <-- 2nd Fastest Trap of any McLaren

  • Dyno Spectrum Tune

  • Calvo Motorsport Downpipes

Jess - Camo 720s - #63

  • Best ET: 9.254 <-- 2nd quickest ET of any McLaren

  • Best Trap: 152.31mph <-- Fastest McLaren at the event

  • Dyno Spectrum Tune

  • Downpipes

James - Black 720s - #127 (Only ran one 1/4 mile pass)

  • Best ET: 9.701 <-- 4th Quickest of any McLaren

  • Best Trap: 150.97mph <-- 3rd fastest of any McLaren

  • Dyno Spectrum Tune

  • Calvo Motorsport Downpipes

During track prep / cleanup we also had the pleasure of talking with a few other McLaren owners. Mike from IDS Supercars is a great guy! We had a chance to chat for quite sometime! The car he has built should pull off some real burners soon. He unfortunately had a tough break (no pun intended) during qualifying that cut their weekend short. Excited to see what the car will do in the near future! We were also able to chat with Jay for sometime about his MP4-12C. We always enjoy the content he puts up. We wish you guys great luck for the upcoming season, it was nice chatting with you!

Tx2k is such a great event, even though we are all competing against each other there is a level of camaraderie among us all that is not found at most other events. We look forward to coming back for Tx2k20 with more cars, faster speed, lower ETs, and more tech! Hope to see you guys there!

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