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John Banks

Software & Reverse Engineering 

John B.jpg

John began his career in the automotive aftermarket over 18 years ago as an engine calibrator and a designer of custom hardware.  As his career progressed he turned more towards reverse engineering, table discovery, and custom feature development. 


John has helped develop non-native ecu features such as real-time tuning, speed density, map switching and flex fuel on multiple platforms over the years.  John's tenacity to never stop learning has placed him at the forefront of Bosch ME17 & MED17 feature development and innovation.

John, also a licensed medical doctor, lives with his wife, Jane, in the UK.

Mitch McKee​​​

Reverse Engineering & Calibration

Mitch IMSA_edited.jpg

Mitch is an engine and transmission calibrator with over 15 years of hands on experience.  He concurrently took on the role as a reverse engineer in 2012.

Mitch has contributed calibrations to multiple high caliber, championship winning teams over a wide variety of racing disciplines, including road racing, drag racing, hill climbs, rally racing, and drifting. As a reverse engineer, Mitch was the lead on a project that was responsible for bringing Porsche aftermarket engine and transmission tuning to the mass market.  Mitch has also consulted with multiple OEM part manufacturers for various products. 

Mitch, a Colorado native, now lives in Southern California with his wife Marlee.    

Marlee McKee


Marlee comes from the world of project management.  Her expertise and years of experience as a project coordinator allow for her to keep everything in line and progressing smoothly here at Dyno Spectrum.  


Originally from Tennesse, Marlee spent most of her time in Texas before moving to Southern California with her husband Mitch.

Jane Banks


Jane brings a wealth of experience in business and project management to Dyno Spectrum. She has an MBA and also runs her contract manufacturing business, LaserFlair, in the UK.


She loves cooking, golf, the theatre and losing herself in a good novel. 

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