Dyno Spectrum Ltd
Registered in Scotland No. SC637530
Registered Office: Easter Newburn Steading, Upper Largo, Leven, KY8 6JF, United Kingdom.

About Dyno Spectrum

A new era of reverse engineering, calibration, software, and hardware development with a primary focus on client satisfaction, product innovation, and ethically delivering advertised results.

  • Dyno Spectrum specializes in engine and transmission calibration, custom ECU features, real-time tuning, IP protection, and extreme data logging for the under served flashing markets. No longer will it take years to develop a product.  Now a new idea, to a proof of concept, will take only weeks.

  • Our build systems support Audi, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, BMW, Honda, VW, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati, with more added regularly. Our focus has been on automation which allows us to have quick turnaround times and feature development with minimal time delays.

  • Dyno Spectrum’s calibration team is able to provide calibrations for the platforms our build system supports.  We strive to give our clients the most powerful, reliable, and enjoyable calibrations on the market.  

The Team Behind Dyno Spectrum

  • Mitch Mckee​​​ aka Pterodactyl Timmy

Reverse Engineering & Calibration

Mitch is an engine and transmission calibrator with over 15 years of hands on experience.  He concurrently took on the role as a reverse engineer in 2012.

Mitch has contributed calibrations to multiple high caliber, championship winning teams over a wide variety of racing disciplines, including road racing, drag racing, hill climbs, rally racing, and drifting. As a reverse engineer, Mitch was the lead on a project that was responsible for bringing Porsche aftermarket engine and transmission tuning to the mass market.  Mitch has also consulted with multiple OEM part manufacturers for various products. 



Mitch, a Colorado native, now lives in Southern California with his wife Marlee.    

  • Joe Graham

Software & Reverse Engineering 

Joe received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Utah State University in 2006, and his MBA from the University of Utah in 2012.  If Joe's name looks familiar that's because he has been driving software and hardware projects with his previous company, a world-renowned tuning company, for well over a decade as a customer focused engineering lead. Many in the GT-R world may recall Joe Graham as the first to flash the "unflashable" R35 GT-R. Joe was also the first to flash the Porsche 981 Cayman, Porsche Macan, and Porsche PDK Transmission.

Joe's diverse education is invaluable and enables Dyno Spectrum to analyze new markets, create new products, and innovative new ideas for future opportunities.

He resides in Farmington, Utah with his wife and their three children.

  • John Banks

Software & Reverse Engineering 

John began his career in the automotive aftermarket over 18 years ago as an engine calibrator and a designer of custom hardware.  As his career progressed he turned more towards reverse engineering, table discovery, and custom feature development.  John has helped develop non-native ecu features such as real-time tuning, speed density, map switching, flex fuel, etc.... on multiple platforms over the years.  John's tenacity to never stop learning has placed him at the forefront of Bosch ME17 & MED17 feature development and innovation.

John, also a licensed medical doctor, lives with his wife, Jane, in the U.K.           

  • Jon Hebbeln

Engine & Transmission Calibrator

Jon has just under a decade of experience calibrating many different platforms in motorsport, R&D, and high-volume retail settings. Over the years Jon has developed a high level of understanding in European, Japanese, and American OEM engine and transmission control strategies. He has grown to specialize mainly in European engine and Dual-Clutch Transmission calibration.  Jon was responsible for most Porsche engine, Porsche PDK, & Ford calibrations that hit the mass market while at his former company.  

Jon is versed in aftermarket product efficiency verification, data acquisition, as well as data interpretation and subsequent impact on engine performance.    

Also a Colorado native, Jon now lives in Southern California...With his cats

  • Marlee Mckee

CFO & Operations Manager

Marlee comes from the world of project management.  Her expertise and years of experience as a project coordinator allow for her to keep everything in line and progressing smoothly here at Dyno Spectrum.  Her title as Dyno Spectrum's CFO is also befitting of her experience.           

Originally from Tennesse, Marlee spent most of her time in Texas before moving to Southern California with her husband Mitch.