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Audi 4.0T

"Dyno Spectrum is the absolutely fantastic.  Their level of professionalism is top notch and they are true enthusiasts when it comes to anything involving going fast. If you're tired of the old "off the shelf" tune and paying lots $$$ everytime you want to go up a stage, DS1 is the way to go.  
Customer service?? Who better to help then the guys that designed it? These guys don't just sell you a tune, I feel they sell a relationship with tuners and the people using their product. I can't honestly say that no other company comes close. 

Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do for our platform.''
-Doug Ferreira, Audi S6


"DS1 is partially successful due to the feature set the product offers— near-standalone-like extensibility, user-friendly in that you can flash at home, take and review your own data logs, or even tune your own vehicle.. but what really drives its success is the individuals behind the product. The level of support from John, Mitch and their partners is unparalleled, and after other vendors abandoned the Audi C7 platform, thanks to Dyno Spectrum, I’m excited for its future."

-Chris Coulson

Chris Coulson.jpg

"From start to finish flashing my RS7 was simple. It takes about 5-10 minutes to set up the DS1 with

your laptop and flashing my car took another 5-10 minutes.

Flash forwarding after a few months of my DS1 ownership I haven't had any issues outside of

bad gas. I would recommend this product to anyone. Don't be afraid that you will

have to flash your car as it is simple and John and Mitch are here to help!"

-Charlie Serpe, Audi RS7


"DS1 has got my 13 S8 into the mid 10’s. Customer support is top notch and the tuning options make it the best choice."

-Cody Ballay

Cody Ballay.jpg

"The DS1 provides unparalleled access to ECU functions/controls with easy to understand interface. Customizing tunes to achieve everything from mild to wild goals is at your fingertips. I found the greatest rewards from tweaking pedal maps and torque maps to achieve desired power delivery/personality. With the included DS2 logging I was able to optimize the tune with the data logs. It's an enthusiasts dream come true!"

-Thomas Hogan

"I recently upgraded my 2016 APR stage 2 Audi RS7 to Dyno Spectrum and the base results were more impressive than I expected. Just starting with their base 91 tune I picked up over 70 peak awtq with 30 of that being throughout the curve and 25 more awhp through most of the rev range. That’s on a map using less boost, less timing, and safer knock settings than my previous stage 2 tune! Now I’m onto bigger turbos and flex fuel, something other companies couldn’t tune for and left you stranded as basic stage 1 or 2. The power is insane! We’re already at 925awhp and there’s still more power left untapped.


The logging and tuning capabilities of the DS1 software are light years beyond anything previously released for the RS7 market. True high speed multi table logging and real time live or remote tuning with accessibility to everything, not just a few slow sampling tables or basic parameters. It’s game changing!


With DS1 software my car became the world’s first true flex fuel RS7, able to run on 91 and E85 or any ethanol percentage in between, all self adjusting on the fly. No more need for or wasted time with outdated USBII flashing devices or mobile dongles. I’m no longer locked in a box by a tuning company that will never modify or upgrade their (MY!!) tune. With DS1, I now have full control to optimize whatever hardware I decide to bolt on and after years of market stagnation, the Audi RS7 platform finally has the software and tuning capabilities to unlock it’s full potential!"

Michael Morris, Audi RS7

"From Cannonball runs, to 9 second cars, full flex - I’m talking fuel tunes, to full send, there is nothing for this platform other than DS1 that gives you the safety, the performance or the freedom and capability to take your car where you want with an unrivaled support team vs any industry or product in this world."

-Ross Carverr

Being a distributor for Dynospectrum and having owned several 4.0 platforms .. and currently a S8 I can tell you that it is by far the best option on the market.This system allows the buyer to have the most options for hp..I am running stage 3 on my s8 and man, complete beast mode.. I highly highly recommend the platform... you wont be sorry!!

-Reginald Coleman, Jaguar BMW Solutions


James Q.jpg

"Frustrated by my APR E85 “Tune” throwing lean codes, I elected to switch to the DS1 and haven’t looked back.

The Dyno Spectrum DS1 gave me an off-the-shelf flex fuel tune coupled with the flexibility the problem solver in me craved.

Since getting the DS1, I decided to turbocharge my R8 and have enjoyed interacting with the helpful Dyno Spectrum community and team while self-tuning."

-James Quiggins


"What can one say that hasn’t already been said about the DS1?

98% of a stand alone ECU’s capability for a fraction of the cost. The remaining 2% is a constant work in progress with improvements, fixes and updates trickling through every month.

There’s excellent documentation, fast response time to questions and emails. And finally there’s a thriving online community to help the development evolve organically.

This is one of the few after-market products that under promises and over delivers. Something which is especially rare these days."

-Patrick Nanton

Patrick N.jpg

"DS1 have been absolutey superb from day 1, the product, the development and above all the support which is unmatched on this platform.

Car drives like OEM till you get on the loud pedal, with all the features of a stand alone. Cruise control that actually works, shift lights that work and the ability to have extras like EGT, Emap, turbo speed sensor etc"

-Banaras Gulzar


"The transition to the DS1 platform has been the absolute best investment I've made for my RS3. The amazing off the shelf capabilities, the customization that's offered through 3rd party calibrators and a welcoming community. You can't ask for much more than that! The cherry on top? A legit flex-fuel offering"

-Tyler Wright

Tyler W.jpg

"I love the DS1. The tune takes a couple of minutes to load up and install, and the map switching and information being displayed on the Virtual Cockpit on the fly is a game-changer! I'm not one for aftermarket gauges so I appreciate the clean look while having important information displayed. Hands down the best feature to me is the real time flex-fuel capabilities. Nothing beats just filling up without needing to test contents or mixing beforehand. The only way to go for the 2.5L Platform."

-CJ Cananagh

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