Dyno Spectrum Ltd
Registered in Scotland No. SC637530
Registered Office: Easter Newburn Steading, Upper Largo, Leven, KY8 6JF, United Kingdom.


The DS1 is a worlds first in stock ECU tuning innovation. The DS1 datalogs at high speeds (100Hz), has well proven and tested off the shelf tunes already loaded on the device when purchased. Not only does it do that but it is completely wireless and comes with all the things needed to custom tune the car! 


The DS1 supports full live tuning as well which is an industry first. No longer do you need to shut the car off everytime you need to make a change! You can now tune the car all in real time, as well as full flex fuel capability, map switching and boost gauge control options which allows you to toggle between other parameters that get read out on the main boost gauge on your display! 


This currently supports the C7 and C7.5 Audi 4.0L Twin Turbo Engines. 


Release date is just around the corner!