Dyno Spectrum Ltd
Registered in Scotland No. SC637530
Registered Office: Easter Newburn Steading, Upper Largo, Leven, KY8 6JF, United Kingdom.

The world's first real time tuning on the MED17

with flex fuel, map switching,

super high speed datalogging,

custom tuning.

Bringing you the new DS1

Heading 1

 'If you’re on the fence for ordering a DS1, do it now before they realize this thing should be priced at about $4000.

I am absolutely 100% blown away!'

Testimonial from Audizine

What does the DS1 do?

  • DS1 wireless datalogging

    • Logging rates of up to 500Hz (2ms intervals)​

    • Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection

    • Custom code allows us to log any native parameter in the ECU as well as custom monitors we generate based off of internal calculations or added external inputs

  • DS1 wireless flashing

    • Wireless flashing of your DME/ECU via web brows​er

      • PC, Mac, iphone, Android, smart watch flashing capabilities.

    • Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection

    • Robust and safe data transfer between DS1 and user   

    • Change maps in less than 30 seconds

  • DS1 wireless realtime tuning

    • Real-time calibration changes without needing to physically connect to the car.   ​

    • Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection.

    • DS1 custom code allows the user to real-time tune hundreds of tables with out the need to flash the ECU between revisions.  

      • In some cases the entire calibration segment can be tuned in real-time